What does the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) require for minors to apply for their Driver License?
    California enacted a law requiring all new teen drivers to obtain driver licenses through a three-step process. This graduated driver license law is aimed at reducing the amount of teen auto injuries and fatalities, as statistics show that drivers between the ages of 15 and 19 experience a very high number of collisions.

    The three step process is as follows:
    1. Teens between 15 and 15-1/2 must complete 30 hours of classroom or online driver education.
    2. At age 15-1/2, and upon completion of Driver Education, teens may take the knowledge test at the DMV to apply for a Provisional Permit.
    3. Once they receive a Provisional Permit, teens must enroll in and complete a minimum of six (6) hours of professional Behind the Wheel driver training. They must also complete 50 hours of driving with the supervision of a parent or guardian, an adult over 25 years of age or with a licensed, professional instruction. All supervising drivers must have a current California driver license.
What is a Provisional Permit?
  • The DMV issues a Provisional Permit upon successful completion of 30 hours of Online or Classroom Driver Education and the DMV Knowledge Exam. Your child may drive while being supervised by a California licensed driver 25 years or older and only after the Provisional Permit has been validated by completing a 2 hour professional Behind the Wheel lesson.
What is a Provisional License?
    Teens under the age of 18 are under the following restrictions:
    1. For the first 12 months (or until the driver reaches his or her 18th birthday), no passengers under the age of 20 are allowed in the provisional license holder's vehicle unless a licensed driver age 25 or older is present.
    2. For the first 12 months, the new driver needs to be accompanied by a driver 25 years of age or older if teenager is driving between the hours of 11 P.M. and 5 A.M. or if the driver is transporting passengers under the age of 20.
    A full-privilege license may be granted after the driver successfully undergoes the first two steps for the proper amount of time and there are no outstanding DMV or court-ordered restrictions, suspensions, or probations on the driver's record.
What does the DMV require for adults ages 18 and older?
    California does not require adults over the age of 18 to enroll in driving lessons, however, adults ages 18 through 21 are most likely to have a vehicle accident. Driver's education significantly reduces collisions and traffic violations among new drivers.

    Additionally, you'll learn the skills required to pass your drive test. We highly recommend lessons to residents new to California and wanting to practice driving in heavier traffic or on California roadways.

    Whatever your goals, our in-car driving lessons ensure you have the necessary basic driving skills you need, the road skills the DMV will test you on during your driving skills test, and the essential defensive driving skills to be a safe driver in California.
How does Online Driver Education work?
    • You may take the lessons anywhere, anytime, on any internet device
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    The process is very simple. We provide username and password after you register. Your course is available to you online 24/7 and you can log in and out whenever you want and from any computer with internet access! When you log back in, we'll take you back to the exact place you left off. At the end of the course there will be a final exam. You can take up to 4 times in order to pass.

    Once you pass the final exam, we'll issue and mail your Certificate of Completion via USPS within 7 business days. Please allow time for USPS delivery once issued. Shipment by USPS First Class Mail is free, but you can always upgrade or expedite your certificate's delivery method for an additional fee of $25.
Why can't you just email the Driver Education Certificate of Completion?
    The DMV does not currently allow for the documents to be emailed. A physical document, signed by a licensed driving school is the only document accepted by the DMV. You are always welcome to request that we expedite your Certificate of Completion for a fee of $25. Once you pass the final exam, we'll issue and mail your Certificate of Completion via USPS within 7 business days. Please allow time for USPS delivery once issued.
Do I need my own car to take Behind the Wheel lessons?
    All instruction is conducted in our Teen Road to Safety Ford Mustangs equipped with secondary control systems for the safety of your child, and as required by the DMV.
How do I validate my Provisional Permit?
    You must complete 2 hours of the 6 hours of professional behind the wheel training required by the DMV. Your instructor will sign the second page of your Provisional Permit after you complete your first behind the wheel lesson.
What are the skills I'll learn in my Behind the Wheel lessons?
    Our curriculum-based training will teach you master key skills with a goal to be a safe and defensive driver. Student will receive a written evaluation of skills learned and items to review and practice at the end of each lesson. The evaluations are an excellent source of information for parents when supervising their child's driving.
How are the lessons scheduled?
    Once you register, you will receive an email with your receipt detailing how to schedule all services. If you are a new student, please send a copy of your Permit and availability to Scheduling is all handled via email to manage lesson requests and track openings offered.

    For the 6 Hour Behind the Wheel lesson package, plan to have your first lesson just after you are issued your Provisional Permit to validate your Permit. We recommend that you complete at least 25 hours of parent-supervised driving to practice the skills taught in the first lesson before scheduling your second lesson. This typically takes 8-12 weeks. Your third lesson is conducted a week or two ahead of your scheduled DMV drive test and will include test preparation. Lesson times are Monday - Friday, 9-11 and 12-2 for our basic Behind the Wheel package. Lesson times for the Weekend/After School Behind the Wheel package are 9-11, 12-2 and 3-5 Monday - Saturday. Lessons are not conducted in the dark for the safety of your child.

I prefer not to follow your schedule. How do I book my Behind the Wheel lessons right away?
    Please remember that your child is learning a lifelong skill. You cannot become excellent at anything with only a few hours of training. We will only vary from our proven curriculum in emergency situations.
How does the DMV know I completed Behind the Wheel lessons?
    Your instructor will issue a gold Certificate of Completion of Behind the Wheel training on your last lesson. You must take this Certificate with you to your DMV Drive test. Be sure to check the DMV website for other documents they require.
May I ride along in the training vehicle for my child's lesson?
    A parent or approved guardian may ride along on a behind the wheel lesson, but we strongly discourage it. Parents tend to want to talk during the lesson and this is an unsafe distraction to your child. If a parent makes any noise or is talking, the lesson will immediately terminate and the lesson will need to be repurchased and rescheduled for the safety of your child and our Instructor. Please allow our professional instructors to patiently handle your child's instruction.
May we purchase extra lessons?
Do you offer Advanced Driver Training?
    Yes, and we highly recommend it! The one-day Advanced Driver Training course is designed to maximize crash avoidance in a controlled environment by expert professional drivers. Please refer to Advanced Driver Training. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND LEARN MORE.
Do I need my own car for the Advanced Driver Training?
    Yes, because we will teach your child the braking and lateral limitations of their personal vehicle. However, if you do not have a vehicle, we offer our Teen Road to Safety Ford Mustangs for use during the event, please CLICK HERE TO LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. Advanced registration and payment is required.
Will you be able to help my child with a learning disability?
    Absolutely! Our instructors specialize in helping children with multiple learning modalities in a calm and patient manner.
Have your instructors had background and security checks?
    The DMV and State law requires all instructors have a background check. Not all schools follow these laws but we only hire instructors after a thorough vetting process. Additionally, all our instructors are former law enforcement and have had extensive background, security checks and LiveScan fingerprinting. All of our instructors are licensed and bonded by the State of California and the DMV.
Why should I choose Teen Road to Safety when other schools charge less?
    Most driving schools only teach the bare minimum to help your child pass the DMV drive test. Our instructors are former law enforcement with years of safe driving skills and experiences to share. Your child's life is priceless! Let Teen Road to Safety teach your child safe and defensive driving skills that will last a lifetime.
How long has Teen Road to Safety been in business?
    Teen Road to Safety was founded in Orange County, CA by Andrew Wunderlich in 2004, after retiring from the Los Angeles Police Department. Andrew was a law enforcement officer for 21 years and trained police recruits in defensive driving techniques. Repeatedly at the top of his class in police driver training, Andrew received numerous commendations for safe driving and traffic awareness. He is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a Drug Recognition Expert and is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Andrew has also participated and advised in other professional driving schools. Andrew is a frequent guest speaker to both public and private schools in regards to safe driving.

    John Hauschild is the owner and operator of Teen Road to Safety San Diego serving all of the cities and communities of San Diego County. John graduated from the University of Southern California-Marshall School of Business with a triple major in Business Marketing, Business Management and Business Communications in 1990, and has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 1996. John has more than ten years experience in heavy highway construction with firsthand knowledge of the devastating effects of untrained drivers. In addition to Teen Road to Safety San Diego, John is the Director of Project Teen Safety 501(c)(3), a public outreach, non-profit company committed to providing safe and defensive driving instruction to all teens, regardless of socio-economic status. John has assembled a team of highly qualified instructors that include former Police, Sheriff and California Highway Patrol officers. All of our instructors are licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and are committed to providing your teen with the most comprehensive defensive driving curriculum and instruction available.
I still have questions! Is there someone that can help me?
    We are here to help you navigate this process! Please email us at anytime and we will respond during our normal business hours.
I need to cancel my child's lesson and it's after business hours. How do I reach someone?
    Even though our office may be closed, you may still email your cancellation request to Please note that our No Show and Late Cancellation policies apply and cancellation requests are date and time stamped upon receipt, not when read.