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  • One day advanced driver training course designed to maximize crash avoidance by immersing students in a controlled environment by expert professional drivers
  • Taught by previous law enforcement, stunt and racing professionals
  • Student will learn and understand the lateral and braking limitations of their personal vehicle
  • Advance to driving several coned scenarios to simulate real life road situations and hazards
  • Student will participate in skidpad exercises in our TRTS Mustangs in the afternoon
  • Student receives a Certificate of Training for potentially receiving a 20% discount on vehicle insurance.
  • Student is required to provide their own vehicle and proof of insurance. If one is not available, TRTS vehicles are available for rent. TRTS vehicles must be paid and reserved seven (7) days prior to the event. Reservations/Participation Voucher are required.
  • Student is eligible to attend Advanced Driver Training after completion of 6 Hours Behind the Wheel lessons so basic driving skills are mastered. If student has not taken Behind the Wheel with TRTS, student must possess a California driver's license and complete the prerequisite 2 Hour Pre Advanced Assessment with TRTS.